Think! Follows the philosophy that comfortable shoes don’t have to be ugly, though they are different. Different being that comfortable, designer shoes defy normal fashion in that they are not only beautiful on the outside, but the inside as well. When you’re wearing a pair of designer shoes by Think!, you’re slipping into a pair of shoes that mold comfortably to your foot. The footbed works seamlessly with the sole to provide a custom, unique fit for you.

Not only does Think! design shoes that are equal parts fashion and comfort, the brand is also very environmentally conscious. For the 20 years that the brand has been around, they have been producing their designer footwear under strict ecological standards. Additionally, Think! uses materials that are ‘kind to humans as well as nature.

You either love Think! or you don’t. The bright, unique colors are what draw you in but you stay for the comfort technology built into each shoe. The brand incorporates both anatomical and orthopedic principles in each design, putting the comfort of women first.

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