A.S. 98

A.S.98 is a relatively new designer by fashion industry standards. Piero Oliosi and his sons partnered with the renowned Italian shoe company, Olip – which has been in business since the 1980s – who employs over 1,200 people and whose factories have the capacity to build 6,000 shoes per day, making it one of the most productive shoe factories in the world.

Despite the company’s amazing output rate, the quality of the shoes and comfort technology does not waiver in favor of quick turnaround. There is an extreme focus on design features and the selection of materials so that it feels as though each pair of shoe was designed and created for each individual woman. A.S.98 materials, in fact, are all imported from Italy’s finest tanneries. The quality of materials is a large part of the brand’s identity.

A.S.98 is one of The Shoe Spa’s newest designers, but they are loved as well as some of our oldest and best brands. The designs are meant for a woman who is young at heart and enjoys the fine art of dressing to impress while still being casual. The vintage look and modern appeal is really big right now in the fashion world and is a look that will be here to stay. A.S.98 is the perfect fit for the everyday woman.

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