Pons Quintana

The luxury designer shoe brand, Pons Quintana has grown in leaps and bounds since its humble beginnings in 1953 in Alaior, Menorca. What began as a company for children’s shoes, soon grew to include Women’s shoes in 1956. Since then, Pons Quintana has grown to become, in their own words, “a company open to the world.
Though the company has changed a lot through the years, their focal point of creating a high-quality designs remains the same. Each pair of Pons Quintana shoes embodies a heritage of comfort and a legacy of craftsmanship from Spain. An as comfortable as each pair of shoe is, they are equally fashionable with trendy colors and designs.

The woman who wears Pons Quintana enjoys a casual lifestyle with long walks on the boardwalk and sunny days at the beach. She enjoys comfort and style in equal measures and is usually more in the mood for dinner with friends than a wild night out on the town.

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