Thierry Rabotin

Thierry Rabotin designer shoes are handcrafted in Italy to mold to the contours of your feet. Each employee of the brand is highly skilled and creates each shoe with love through each phase of production. The idea of Thierry Rabotin began in 1978 and has since grown to have a worldwide following. Their unique, high-quality footwear is so successful because of the rich, shoemaking tradition upheld throughout the company.
By combining tradition with innovation, Thierry Rabotin has been able to become and remain a powerhouse in the fashion industry. The secret to the company’s success is attributed to the sacchetto working method. This process allows for the creation of particularly comfortable shoes using the rules of the authentic Italian shoemaking tradition that follows up to two hundred steps.
Thierry Rabotin is a comfort, designer shoe brand that is easy for a lot of women to fall in love with. The uppers are made with high-end materials and brightly colored – guaranteed to make any outfit really stand out! The brand includes a variety of different shoe styles, ranging from designer wedge heels to sneakers. Each design is made to be as comfortable as possible without looking like an ‘ugly’ comfort shoe. The material is lightweight and breathable and the footbed is design to conform to the contours of your feet, almost guaranteeing all-day comfort!

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