Paul Mayer Attitudes

“I want women to feel pretty, feminine and comfortable in my shoes.”Paul Mayer

The Paul Mayer Attitudes collection of designer shoes for women is best described as a feminine and timeless brand filled with comfortable ballet flats with simple and stylish designs. Paul Mayer founded the brand in 1981 after gaining experience in the industry by working with greats like Charles Jourdan, Manolo Blanhik and Walter Steiger.  In 2004, Mayer and his partner, Jeff Levy, decided to move into the realm of luxury designer shoes that mixed the ‘comfort of a sneaker’ with fashionable footwear for women. Together, they pioneered with high-end fashionable ballet flats in a fashion world where ‘high-end’ really meant ‘high heels!’

The Paul Mayer Attitudes Collection, today, features a number of different styles of ballet-styled shoes from ballet flats to shoes with wedges and heels. There is literally a style for every woman, for every occasion. Whether you want a quilted comfort shoe to wear at the office or on a casual day running errand, a pair of exotically printed shoes for a night out or to bring a ‘pop’ of attitude to your outfit, or you need a comfort shoe for a special occasion like a wedding, Paul Mayer Attitudes has made sure to have designs to fit all women’s needs.

“Our Shoes are Modern Classics. They’re an Addiction. They are truly forever timeless.” – Paul Mayer

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