Paul Green

Paul Green is a women’s luxury shoe designer who truly goes above and beyond to give women everything they need in a shoe – the perfect fit, great range of versatility, comfortable design for all occasions, and – always – amazing style. The “Paul Green Effect” is the feeling you get when you slip into a pair of these great-fitting , stylish, expertly crafted shoes.

The Paul Green line of designer shoes offer a superior quality and are manufactured in Europe by passionate, skilled-craftsman who are experts in their field. The brand makes ‘shoes that last a lifetime!’

Women who love Paul Green shoes at The Shoe Spa are women who want more than just an every day shoe, but also a shoe they can wear every day! Paul Green shoes are for the woman who likes to turn the ordinary into extraordinary every day with their fashion.

The Shoe Spa is a proud carrier of a selection of Paul Green designer women’s shoes that we know you’ll love!

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