Onex made its mark in women’s fashion in the 1970s when the brand was the first to introduce a clear Lucite slide sandal, known widely as the “Glass Slipper.” It would become the signature style of the Onex brand.

Onex Designer Shoes are created by a team of dedicated designers whose sole mission is to ‘make the most comfortable and most beautiful all-day shoe.’ The brand began in 1972 when founder, Onnik E. Kouyoumdjiam (or Mr. Onex, for short) immigrated to America from Europe and founded the company. Since the beginning, all styles have been handcrafted in the United States using only the finest materials and most beautiful components from around the globe.

The shoe is built in three dimensions, beginning with the “last,” or the shape of the foot, moving to a two-dimensional prototype, and finally ending with a newly designed shoe or sandal!

The Onex brand of designer shoes has a little bit of something for every woman, but their signature is a clean, sleek design for professional events and formal occasions. This is a great brand for the working woman who spends most of her day on her feet and needs a shoe that is comfortable and professionally stylish.

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