Naked Feet

When you think of your most comfortable feet, you think bare. You think of the feel of a plush carpet beneath your toes. You think of the way your foot bends effortlessly with your every step – unrestricted by hard soles and confining materials. What if we were to tell you, you can have the best of both worlds with Naked Feet!  The Naked Feet women’s designer shoe brand is an exclusive collection of casual footwear designed for “the confident, modern woman.” The line includes handcrafted designs that are so comfortable, your foot feels naked, and so stylish, your style looks effortless. Each shoe is constructed with the softest of leathers, raw edges, and modern adornments as well as memory foam insoles for perfectly customized comfort.  
Get the best of both worlds – fashion and comfort – with Naked Feet at The Shoe Spa!

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