Gabor has been a family owned business and shoe manufacturer for over 60 years and has built the brand to be one of the best known ladies’ shoe brand in Germany and one of the largest manufacturers worldwide. Gabor specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality women’s shoes and require the highest of quality for each pair of shoes made. Though Gabor may be considered a ‘traditional’ women’s high-fashion shoe brand, the last few years have seen the brand introducing new technologies and product lines. Their products include the Gabor Comfort line of shoes available at The Shoe Spa.
In addition to creating comfortable and fashionable shoes for women, Gabor maintains a dedicated responsibility to the environment, society, and health. Gabor maintains a strict code of conduct that includes: freedom of employment, exclusion of child labor, regulated work hours, animal protection, environmental protection, and more.

Gabor Shoes are designed for fashionable comfort with a majority of the designs being wedge heels and flats. The designs consist of a mostly nude color scheme with a fed bright red sandals and silver/metallic materials. The Gabor line of comfortable designer shoes is ideal for women who want a go-to, everyday shoe for a variety of occasions that can breath life into an old outfit and compliment a new one.

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