Fly London

Fly London has been a welcomed brand at The Shoe Spa for years, but their journey began across the ocean in the UK in 1994. The idea behind the brand, and the philosophy that the brand still follows today, is to create original fashion products using traditional techniques in an unexpected way. By combining the FLY London ID with new styles, colors, and materials, each new design is brought to life with it’s own unique personality.
The Fly London brand lives by two statements: “Ever changing, ever developing,” and “always progressive, never conventional.” What started as a footwear brand has now expanded to include other accessories like bags and sunglasses. Around the world, Fly London is sold in more than 3,000 designer shoe boutiques and 6 ‘flagship’ stores; two in Portugal, two in England, one in Ireland, and, the most recent, in the United States, New York.

Fly London is a brand for bold women who stand out and take charge no matter the location or occasion. It’s a brand filled with both fun, bright colors and polished, neutral designs. Each shoe is designed to be even more comfortable than they are stylish (if that’s even possible) for ladies who need to be on their feet getting things done! Find a large variety of Fly London designer shoes at The Shoe Spa!

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