Chie Mihara

At the young age of 18, Chie Mihara travelled from Porto Alegre, Brazil to Fukuoka, Japan to study fashion. After graduating, Chie joined Junko Koshino’s workshop in Tokyo, where she worked as the designer’s assistant and pattern designer. She eventually moved to New York where, after a brief stint in sculpting, she decided to attend New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology where she specialized in accessories – shoes, more specifically.

Chie combined her learning at the Institute with her practical experience as an associate at an orthopedic shoe store, to create her own shoe brand, alongside her husband, in 2001.

Chie Mihara believes that “The best shoes are the ones that you completely wear out” because they are so comfortable that you never want another pair of shoes! Since the beginning, Chie Mihara’s designs have been feminine, cheerful, exciting, and whimsical with a unique and intuitive creative process that mimics an artist rather than a designer. The brand echoes the value and expertise of artisanal shoemakers, with special attention paid to the sole, the heel, the shape, and more!

The woman who loves the Chie Mihara brand values exceptional craftsmanship and loves to keep her favorite shoes looking like new for as long as possible. She enjoys a range of style – from formal to casual – but doesn’t negotiate when it comes to comfort features and technology. If you are a Chie Mihara woman, check out the entire collection available at The Shoe Spa!

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