Arcopédico is a women’s comfort shoe brand that utilized arch and circulation support technology to design high-quality, comfortable shoes, that are equally fashionable, for women all over the world. The brand began in Portugal in 1966 by founder Elio Parodi, the inventor of the original knit shoe and in 1983, Simco Imported Shoes became the exclusive distributor of Arcopédico designer shoes in the United States.
The lightweight, colorful, and simple designs led to Arcopédico shoes to become a favorite, timeless designer shoe choice for women of all ages in the United States. The design made each shoe uniquely qualified as a match for nearly any outfit choice.

The brightly colored, athletileisure designs are a great look for all women. They’re designed as fashionably and beautifully as they are comfortable. No matter the style or design, each shoe is made with breathable materials so your feet stay cool as you move throughout the day.

At The Shoe Spa, we carry a range of Arcopédico shoe that can be seen in two fundamental design principles: the “barefoot” upper and the patented, metal free twin arch-support soles.

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