The Aetrex brand, founded in 1946, is considered one of the fastest expanding companies in the industry. Their mission? To create “the healthiest shoes on the market today.” And they’ve definitely done it!

Aetrex is originally known for it’s development of arch support and medically-oriented footcare products, but has since come a long way in expanding their range of comfort technologies implemented in their fashion forward designs. The brand’s over-the-counter Lynco Orthotics are recognized as the leading orthotic system on the market today, recommended by doctors worldwide for ‘unsurpassed comfort, support and proper body alignment.’ Additionally, Aetrex has introduced a digital foot scanner, the iStep, that accurately measures your foot size, arch type and pressure points in order to custom select the best footwear and orthotics for you!

The Aetrex brand can certainly be defined as the most comfortable fashion shoes on the market today, and they’re definitely a shoe that every woman would love to have for any occasion. The brand includes a variety of designs ranging from loafers to boots to sandals! While they may not be your go-to shoe for a night out or a more formal evening, these are a great everyday shoe that you can pair with just about any casual outfit.

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