At The Shoe Spa, we take pride in providing our clients with the most fashionable and comfortable footwear for every lifestyle and occasion. Recently, The Shoe Spa introduce the newest designer to our collection, Acacia footwear!

Acacia is the only shoe brand designated as the Official Footwear of the USA Pickleball team! For 25 years, Acacia has been manufacturing quality sport equipment with cutting edge technology, innovative designs, and top tier performance in all products. Acacia Sports prides itself on listening to the needs of players when creating products which are comfortable, bold, and meant to feel good during play.

Acacia became the Official Footwear of the USA Pickleball team by partnering with leading players and debuting a collection designer exclusively for the sport of Pickleball. Now, you can get the same quality designs by Acacia at The Shoe Spa!

Designs by Acacia

For a look to mirror your favorite athletes, you may enjoy the Acacia DinkShot 2.0 designer pickleball shoes! The DinkShot 2.0 designer sneakers have an upper made of a high-quality polymer microfiber with reinforced ankle support and metal grommets for a fashionable look and quality, sturdy design. The interior of the pickleball shoes features a Honeycomb memory foam insole for shock absorption and air flow with an elevated EVA foam midsole to provide elevation and structure, both combining to give you ultimate comfort in sport or for day to day wear! Also included in the DinkShot 2.0 isan extended wrap around Kevlar drag guard, which is a major bonus any athlete will love.

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The DinkShot 2.0 is available in lime green and white.

If you’re in need of a great sport shoe, you need to try on a pair of the Acacia ProShot designer pickleball shoes! The upper of the ProShot designer pickleball shoes is made of a high-quality honeycomb ballistic nylon material for breathability with ankle and arch support to protect feet from rolling on the court. The interior features a silicone honeycomb gel insole for shock absorption and airflow with a water resistant ARK-Technology EVA foam midsole to provide elevation and structure so you have the perfect amount of comfort on the court and for casual wear!

The ProShot designer pickleball shoe is available in royal blue and black.

Check out designs by Acacia footwear online and in-store at The Shoe Spa, today!

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