You’ve heard of “Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!” But, at the Shoe Spa, we’re saying “oh my!” to a whole different kind of animal. Which is why our favorite shoe this week is the Amelcia Women’s Designer Sandals by L’Amour Des Pieds in a wild and bold Leopard print. Oh my – do we love it!

About the Brand

L’Amour Des Pieds women’s designer shoes was founded by Wayne Finkelstein who was so dedicated to creating the ultimate designer comfort shoe that even the name of the brand translates directly to “The Love of Feet.” The shoes produced by this brand are beautifully designed, recommended by podiatrists, and made with only the highest quality of materials. L’Amour Des Pieds brand is made to be elegant, timeless, and spirited so women feel confident in how they look no matter the occasion.

L’Amour Des Pieds are made of only the best of the best materials, including kidskin, kid suede, nappa, lamba, and nubuck leather. Each shoe is fully lined with brushed naked sheep nappa lining so they have the ultimate breathability. The brand has patent pending arch technology that is engineered to evenly distribute weight and expand and contract with the natural movement of your foot as you walk. Each pair of L’Amour Des Pieds is made to feel as comfortable as bare feet with a sturdy outsole for durability.

About the Shoe

The Amelcia Women’s Designer Sandals made by L’Amour Des Pieds are a stylish and comfortable pair of women’s designer shoes that looks great to wear with a variety of outfits. The upper of the women’s designer shoes is made of a high-quality calf hair and leather material with a bright, bold leopard print design on the straps. The backstrap is a Velcro adjustable design, as well as the instep strap.

The interior of the Amelcia women’s designer sandals is lined with leather material and features a well-cushioned and extra supportive footbed so you can walk in comfort all day and night no matter where your feet may take you! The outsole of the women’s designer shoes is made of a flexible, synthetic material for durability and additional support.

If you love the Amelcia Designer Women’s Sandals by L’Amour Des Pieds, you can find the online or, stop into The Shoe Spa today and try on a pair! While you’re browsing, check out the other amazing styles and designs by L’Amour Des Pieds as well as designs by our other world famous designers!

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