Who doesn’t love summer? The weather is perfect for fun outdoor activities, you take time for vacations to new places, and you can slip into your favorite espadrilles with just about any outfit! But if you’re a woman and you don’t own a pair of espadrilles, you need to get a pair by the time the warm weather rolls back around! If you’re thinking, “what is an espadrille?” or “why are they so important to fashion?”, we have all the answers you need!

What are Espadrilles?

A brief history of the espadrille would reveal that the iconic luxury designer shoe was first created as an easy to wear utility shoe in the Occitania and Catalonia regions of France and Spain. The shoe was made of durable canvas material and a rope sole that was worn by everyone in every occupation, from the King of Aragon’s infantry to mine workers and priests. Once the style caught fire across Europe, the shoe became known as an essential warm weather shoe because of it’s lightweight construction and feel. By 1940, the shoe had begun to reach peak popularity.

Today, the espadrille is still lightweight, still has a rope sole, and still has an upper made of canvas material. Traditionally, the Espadrille is sewn – by hand – on a special bench called a ‘banco Alpargatero.’ Espadrilles soles are made of a braided jute material and are environmentally friendly.

While the espadrille is constructed with the same material, there is no strict style guideline that defines an espadrilles. Are you more of a casual sneaker gal? There’s an espadrille for that! Or do you enjoy a more dressy look? There’s an espadrille for that too!

The truth is, espadrilles are defined by the material used to make the sole and upper and the way they are constructed. However, you can find an espadrille sneaker, wedge sandals, and slip-ons!

How do you wear Espadrilles?

Espadrilles are a staple in Summer fashion because of their lightweight design and they are traditionally a more casual shoe for everyday wear. However, since Espadrilles are available in so many different styles and colors, you can pair them with a large variety of outfits and styles!

For a casual day of running errands, walks in the park or down the boardwalk, you may prefer an espadrille sneaker with a pair of skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, brightly colored slacks, or shorts. You can even wear the right style of sneaker espadrilles with a cute summer dress! The great thing about espadrille sneakers is they tend to be slightly more “dressy” than your regular tennis shoe, so you have more options with your wardrobe. You can either choose the lace-up style sneakers for this look, or the slip-on espadrille flats.

For a more dressy look – say, a beach wedding, a date night, or brunch with friends – espadrille sandals and wedges are a great option. You can pair them with a nice summer dress or even with a more casual pant and shirt. They give you that little boost in height you love along with the dressier, strappy look.

While you don’t want to wear espadrilles with business attire, or even cocktail dresses and pants, designer espadrilles are a go-to style for casual Summer fashion.

Famous Espadrille designers available at The Shoe Spa

Today, there are tons of designers who produce women’s espadrilles, and at The Shoe Spa, we carry some of the most well-known designers of designer, luxury espadrilles!

The well-known women’s luxury shoe designer, Toni Pons, currently has a large selection of women’s espadrilles available at The Shoe Spa. Toni Pons incorporates a Mediterranian style with the traditional craftsmanship of espadrilles for a fun, unique look with the perfect summer vibe. The Toni Pons espadrilles are available in multiple styles like sling-back espadrille sandals, slip-on espadrille sneakers, and strappy espadrille flats!

Other brands that have a line of women’s espadrilles available at The Shoe Spa are Eric Michael and Paul Mayer. Though both Eric Michael and Paul Mayer are more well-known for different styles, both designers have gorgeous espadrilles in several different styles. Eric Michael has brightly colored espadrilles for nights out with friends and family, while the Paul Mayer designs are color blocked in bold red, black, and white.

Check out all of the designer espadrilles available at The Shoe Spa by visiting us online or in-store!

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