Women love shoes and there is no doubt we can end up with many pairs in a short time span. We go crazy with shoe shopping, filling our baskets with everything from pumps to flats! However, when shopping for shoes you need to consider more than just what looks “cute” or is “in-style” now.

Shoes can be a great investment, especially when you buy high-quality brands that will remain like-new no matter how much you wear them. But with all of the different styles, colors, and materials you see when you walk into a shoe store, you can easily get sidetracked and end up leaving with shoes that don’t provide enough versatility with your wardrobe. There is nothing worse than putting together the perfect outfit, and realizing you don’t have the appropriate shoes for it!

Ladies, it’s time to start preparing your wardrobe with shoes for all occasions! The Shoe Spa has put together a short list you to keep in mind when shopping for designer shoes:

  1. Sophisticated Ballet Flats

A good pair of flats are ideal for many different occasions – from weddings to work days – because the right pair can be both dressy and comfortable for walking at the same time. You can wear pants, dresses, and even shorts and still look glamorous with the right pair! There are plenty of ballet flats that you can choose from that compliment different wardrobe styles.

ballet flatsA great pair of ballet flats for both the office and a nice out with friends are the Joan Oloff Jamie Ballet Flats from The Shoe Spa. The shoe is made of soft suede and a large medallion adornment provides just enough of a “wow!” factor to stand out at an event, without being too “flashy” for work during the day. If those aren’t quite your style, try the Paul Mayer Brandy Ballet Flats. The metallic patent leather is great to add a glamorous touch to an outfit for a wedding, but it doesn’t distract from your professional appearance at the office. The rubber material that makes the sole will guarantee these shoes will last you for seasons, so you won’t have to replace them every year!

  1. Classic Black Pumps

The classic pair of pumps is a must-have basic no woman should exclude when revamping their wardrobe. Different styles can give you a more feminine, soft look while other styles can give you an edgy appearance with the right outfit. This sexy footwear will always be a staple in women’s wardrobes for any kind of attire – semi-casual, every-day wear, and formal occasions. Pumps bring out the alpha-woman in you, but make sure you have a pair to go with every wardrobe style!

black pumpsThe Peter Kaiser Semitara Black Pumps made of shiny, patent leather and smooth suede are the perfect balance of sexy and professional. They’re the perfect shoe to wear to the office for a presentation or meeting, and when you ditch your office apparel for a cute black dress to wear out dancing, you don’t have to worry about changing your shoes! If you’re looking for something with a little bit less edgy and a little more sweet and sophisticated, the BeutiFeel Michie Black Pumps go nicely with a number of outfits as well. The bow adornment gives the shoe the little “extra-something” to make you stand out during a lunch date, but the black, patent leather goes well with most office attire.

  1. Comfortable Heeled Boots

A pair of comfortable, heeled boots are the perfect footwear for any day to evening events in cooler weather. It’s a stylish option for your typical work day or casual wear, but can still be chic and fashion-forward for an evening out with friends. When buying heeled boots and booties, be sure to think of your current wardrobe. It’s important to find a pair that can match with most any of your outfit.

black bootsA classic, black bootie is always a good option – like the Naot Nadine BootieThis wedge heeled boot has a unique, paisley-patterned design that separates this boot from other, simple black boots. The wedged heel is easy to walk in and the supportive footbed guarantees you won’t be feeling aches and pains in your ankles at the end of the day. 

Tired of wearing black shoes? Try the Tamaris Ocimum Stone Boots instead! This design goes well with both casual and semi-casual wear in the office, out shopping, or a movie date! The rope and leather accent around the ankle gives the design just enough to stand out without being too flashy for day-to-day wear.

  1. Trendy Women’s Loafers

women's loaferHave a fun, laid-back weekend with a pair of nice and trendy loafers. A simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans will be perfect for casual weekend wear, which you can use for any Sunday, family lunch or a trip to the mall. A cute pair of women’s loafers can complete your casual weekend look, and just a little bit of shine or a pop of color is all you need to stand out in this wardrobe staple.

We suggest the Ron White Lucille Loafer which will be flawless with a gorgeous looking top and a pair of pants for a lovely day out with your friends. The crystals adorning the toe box is enough to elevate any outfit and make it look more glamorous!

  1. Fashionable Sandals

Going shopping or hanging out at the beach? A pair of fashionable sandals will be ideal for a day of sand and sun! Sandals can come with a large variety of styles from Espadrillas to Thong Sandals, strappy sandals to slide-on – all of which are perfect if you want to wear something comfortable that you can walk in all day.

strappy sandalsThe Salpy Rosa Slide Bone Sandals are perfect if you’re taking a leisurely walk through the park or down the boardwalk. The slide-on sandals look great with a pair of shorts or jeans, too! For a more evening-appropriate outfit, the  Tamaris Stoney Silver Sandal has a strappy, edgy look that goes well with a dress or a nice skirt. Wear these on a night out, or on a brunch date, if you need a look to impress!

Remember, a woman wearing the perfect shoes can conquer her world no matter what! It brings you confidence and makes a woman stand tall to show off how amazing you are. The Shoe Spa has a large selection of designer shoes and we’re sure you can find the perfect shoe for you! Visit us online or in-store and find the shoes you need to have in your closet in 2016!.

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