Farzana’s Favorite Shoe Of The Week! Oxford Style Flats

Mendhika slip-on flats by Ticket To Timbuktu

These beautiful oxford style flats are hand crafted by artisans in India using traditional technique and design style called Mendhika.  Mendhika is the Indian name for henna – the art of creating intricate but temporary tattoo designs onto the skin as decorations.  This art form is dated back to thousands of years with men and women using mendhika on festive occasions such as weddings, religious events and traditional ceremonies.

Shoe Spa -Ticket to Timbuktu

The Mendhika is made of soft suede that is hand painted with henna dye which makes each shoe unique and different unto itself. The flexible sole is leather and there is a cushioned footbed and lining for everyday comfort.  These oxfords are great to wear with jeans, capris, shorts and even skirts.

With a mission to be an ethical footwear company that honors tradition and gives back to the community, Ticket to Timbuktu works with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and donates a textbook to needy children in the poorest part of India for every pair of shoes sold.

The Shoe Spa is one of a few stores to present these shoes outside of India and Dubai. We offer the Mendhikas in three colors: neutral beige, passionate red, and cool mint.  Celebrate culture and arts in every step with the Mendhikas by Ticket to Timbuktu.


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