The 20th century was host to some of the most innovative, fashionable footwear the world has ever seen, and high heels were no exception. During this time, the evolution of design and emergence of different styles helped shape the heels we love today. This century helped the shoe grow into an iconic symbol of fashion, and some of the most popular styles still remain in every fashion-savvy woman’s wardrobe.
Red Heels

Louis Heels in the Roaring 20s

Bold fashion called for bold footwear during the 1920s, and women turned to the classic Louis high heel to compliment their attire. The return of these elaborate, slender heels was encouraged by the use of higher hemlines during clothing production. Louis heels, also called French heels, are characterized by a concave curve and outward taper at the base of the heel.

High Fashion Stilettos

The landscape of fashion was changed with the creation of stiletto heels during the 1950s. Characterized by a low-cut vamp and ultra narrow heel, the shoes caught the eyes of women everywhere for their sexy, innovative style. Often paired with a miniskirt, stilettos marked a chic, confident woman.
Pink Stiletto

Platform Heels

Platform heels emerged during the 1970s, a time when fashion was extremely experimental. Men and women wore platforms, oftentimes in an attempt to shock and standout amongst the crowd. Comfort was put on the backburner, as funky colors, mesmerizing swirls, and eye-catching designs were viewed as being the most important aspects of fashion at the time.

Catwalk Fashion

In the 1980s and 1990s, high heel culture revolved around high fashion from Europe. High-heeled shoes could be found on catwalks everywhere as new designers made footwear a centerpiece in the majority of their outfits. Excess defined the fashion trends of the time, and designers like Jimmy Choo and Emma Hope pushed boundaries by adding even more length to their heels.
Black Catwalk Heels
While high heels constantly experienced their own ups and downs in terms of popularity during the 20th century, they proved they’re a style that will never fade away. Designers are always looking to push boundaries, and high heels are the perfect medium for innovative fashion. The Shoe Spa has plenty of modern heels in stock, so you can keep your attire fashion-forward!

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