When you put on a pair of ANYI LU shoes, you feel something a little different. That difference is all-day comfort accompanied by luxurious Italian styles that look like they came straight off the runway. With her passion in full swing, the brand continues to innovate and surprise year after year.

The Birth of a Brand

Anyi Lu has always had creative aspirations, but her career in fashion was never a sure bet. With her parents’ wishes to major in a field that would land a job, she graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in chemical engineering in 1997. She excelled in her field engineering and sales positions with DuPont and Chevron, but always felt she had another calling.

Her break into the shoemaking industry came with a chance encounter with designer Taryn Rose, who offered her a marketing position in Los Angeles. For more than a year, Anyi learned not only the business aspects of the shoe industry, but the shoemaking process as well.

Before her sister’s wedding in 2003, Anyi was asked to find a pair of comfortable shoes that the bride could wear during the evening festivities. When she discovered that the market for stylish, comfortable shoes was very limited, the idea for her brand was born.

Engineering Comfort

Utilizing her problem-solving skills and knowledge of ballroom dancing, Anyi began to build the brand that would provide women with comfortable couture-quality shoes. By fusing modern technology with old world Italian fashion, her shoes would strike the perfect balance between fashion and function.

Her brand, ANYI LU, was launched in 2005 and has been extremely successful. Every detail of her shoes is crafted to ensure customers feel comfort like no other brand can provide. Each shoe is cushioned by NASA-developed memory foam, and sacchetto construction provides flexibility and the perfect fit.

Anyi continues to grow the brand by splitting her time between the design studio, Italian factories where ANYI LU shoes are manufactured, and high-end shoe salons and department stores showcasing her latest collections.

The Shoe Spa currently has ANYI LU in a variety of styles, including closed-toe heels and wedges. If you hurry, you may be able to find a pair during our womens shoe sale and save 30% – 50%!

Check out some favorites of The Shoe Spa below:

ANYI LU Daily Wedge in Black

Daily Wedge in Black

ANYI LU Papaya & Gold Maria Heel

Maria Heel in Papaya and Gold

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