Christina’s Favorite Shoe Of The Week! Walking Shoes

Finding the ideal travel shoe is a tall order. Usually you do more walking than at home yet you might want to look more stylish than throwing on your battered hiking boots. And if you have any issues like blisters it can be even more challenging. Arcopedico shoes can solve most of these problems.

LS knit lace-up walking shoes by Arcopedico. These are simply unbelievable; the knitted upper conforms to nearly every foot shape, and the insole has great support and cushioning making these extremely comfortable. Plus they are very light weight; remove the insole and they’re machine washable; great for all day walking, shopping or touring; available in many, many colors. You’ll want a couple of pairs of these with you whenever you travel.

Arcopedico walking shoes are designed specifically to offer comfort and support. They differ from other shoes in a number of ways. The upper is made of a flexible and durable knitted nylon fabric. Tests are conducted to make sure the volumetric density allows for blood circulation (very scientific!). Heel stability and support for the metatarsals, the long bones of the mid-foot, are provided by an anatomic footbed. The result is a comfortable shoe that doesn’t chafe and provides excellent overall support without pinching.
So if you are looking for something stylish, but still practical for a long day of walking check out our line of Arcopedico walking shoes.
Arcopedico LS Walking Shoe in Orange
Arcopedico LS Walking Shoe in Olive
Arcopedico LS Walking Shoe in Beige
We have a huge selection of Arcopedico walking shoes in tons of colors as well as other styles from Arcopedico. Be sure to check out our full selection!

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