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Toni Pons began as your basic, run-of-the-mill shoe factory in a small village named Osor in 1946. It wasn’t until the second generation between 1960 and 1970 that the brand was envisioned as an international shoe brand and moved to the larger, nearby city of Girona to establish their headquarters. Finally, in 1991, the brand expanded to France and really took off in the women’s designer shoe industry.

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Toni Pons –
handcrafted comfort shoe designs

Though the brand has grown from humble roots to an international powerhouse, the construction is just as detailed and traditional today as it was before. The soles are constructed using jute that, when necessary, is dyed when creating different colored shoes. The braids are made with specialized machines and the sole is then hand-crafted on a turntable to create the shape. Each shoe is hand cut and hand stitched with the different designs. Each shoe is truly a labor of love.

Not only are all Toni Pons designs handcrafted with love and care, but they also use only eco-friendly, natural materials. Every season, the cotton canvas, jute fiber, linen, silk, and leathers are chosen carefully, keeping fashion in mind while also considering the effect these shoes might have on the environment overall.

Toni Pons designer espadrilles are the perfect match for the woman who stocks her wardrobe with earthy, natural looks. The hemp midsoles and neutral colors on most of their designs, coupled with their high-quality material and expert construction make these designer shoes a wonderful fit for long walks on the boardwalk or for garden parties and lunch dates with friends! If you find yourself stocking your closet with flowing blouses and loose fitting boyfriend-style jeans, you always want to make sure you have a pair or several of Toni Pons designer espadrilles to go with any of your outfits.


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