Lemon Jelly

The Lemon Jelly story began twenty years ago with the classic Chelsea boot design and a family of quirky designers who loved to put their spin on a classic style. After several tried and failed attempts, the Lemon Jelly brand struck gold with new details, new materials, and – of course – the signature lemon scent. In 2011, the classic style of the Chelsea Boot was immortalized by Lemon Jelly and expanded into a fun, unique, and stylish collection of sandals, boots, and booties so any woman can find a Lemon Jelly meant just for her!
The Lemon Jelly brand is certainly one of the stylishly unique woman. The “originals” are a patchwork of mix-and-match colors designed with impeccable craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and different finishing, from a “charming shine to the waterproof velvet. In addition to their fun and fashionable style, Lemon Jelly boots are known for their comfortability, with temperature stability, humidity and odor control, and the delightful lemon scent.

The Shoe Spa is thrilled to welcome the Lemon Jelly brand to our collection of quality designers of women’s fashionable luxury shoes! Stop into The Shoe Spa today to find the perfect Lemon Jelly for you, or browse our collection online at The Shoe Spa!

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