Paul Green Abby Women's Slip-on Shoe White


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The Abby women's designer slip on shoes are made by Paul Green! The upper is made of a super soft leather material with a bright red elastic band up the middle for a snug fit and a casual, athletic look that is perfect for any weekend vibe! The interior is lined with leather and features an extra supportive insole with excellent comfort so you can walked all day and night without aching feet. The Abby women's designer slip on shoes features a flexible, rubber outsole for durability and additional comfort. Paul Green shoes built their shoe industry on fitting the needs of the modern women with hand crafted artisan quality women's shoes. Founded in Munich in 1988, they have since adapted a "Paul Green Effect" in their shoe creation by expressing their quality, style and fit to have the unique and uplifting feeling of support. Based in Mattsee near Salzburg, Austria, Paul Green continues its approach to shoe making that fit today's busy lifestyles with styles ranging from ankle boots, pumps, lace-up shoes, to sneakers. Find your perfect pair of Paul Green shoes now with the right fit and design that will exceed your expectations.Paul Green Shoes We list US sizes. Made in UK Full and Half sizes 2.5 = US53 = US5.53.5 = US64 = US6.5 4.5 = US75 = US7.55.5 = US86 = US8.56.5 = US97 = US9.57.5 = US108.5 = US11

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