L'Amour Des Pieds Telfer Slip-on Black


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The Telfer slip-on shoes, made by L'Amour Des Pieds, have nylon that stretches to hug the foot. The soft leather heel in combination with the shoe lined with leather, this will give a smooth feel to your feet. With a supportive, cushioned footbed and a flexible synthetic sole, this is your ultimate pair of comfort shoes. Approx. Heel Height: 3/4" Wayne Finkelstein gave his brand a name that clearly depicts the mission of this comfort footwear company. LAmour Des Pieds directly translates as The Love of Feet. These luxury shoes are designed to echo current trends while also providing superior comfort to the woman in the shoe. What sets these designer shoes apart from the rest? Each shoe is engineered to contour to your foot with the patent pending Remac Arch for a custom fit to any foot. You will love the trendy designs and comfortable engineering of these shoes!L'Amour Des Pieds True to size.Runs U.S. Full and Half sizes

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