Classic Summer Wedge Sandals gets a New Look

What two things remind you more of summer than a great pair of designer wedge sandals and the navy blue and white sailor look? If you don’t have a go to pair of wedge sandals in your closet, The Shoe Spa has the perfect answer for you! The BeautiFeel Kya designer wedge sandal made by the one and only BeautiFeel Shoes!

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Product Description

The BeautiFeel Shoe Brand

Creativity. Love. Femininity. Commitment. These words have shaped the BeautiFeel Shoe brand in everything from their company culture to their hundreds of gorgeous designs.

The BeautiFeel designer shoe brand creates feminine footwear that is comfortable for all day footwear for the modern day working-woman. The styles can be found on the feet of women from New York to Australia, to Moscow – the brand translates into every regions style and weather! Each pair is made with hand-selected high-quality materials so you can feel the love in every step.

Since 1989, the BeautiFeel designer shoe brand has been committed to each woman’s comfort and style! With advanced facilities in Israel, the most innovative Italian equipment, and skilled craftsmen, the BeautiFeel brand supplies shoes to women all over the world every day of the week. The Shoe Spa is proud to host this undeniably favorite brand of women all over the world to our amazing clients!

The Kya Designer Wedge Sandal by BeautiFeel Shoes

When you think of your ultimate summer any day, anywhere sandal – what do you think of? You want something that gives you a little bit of height, but something easy to walk in throughout the day. You want a shoe that can be worn with a casual outfit, or with a cute summer dress. Of course, you’re thinking of a designer wedge sandal – the Kya designer wedge sandals from BeautiFeel Shoes!

The Kya designer sandals are made with a luscious soft suede and leather combination with a bold, black and white snake print design. The Velcro adjustable ankle strap allows for easy access and removal so you can get out and get going in a hurry! The interior lined with leather and the extra cushioning in the footbed provides excellent comfort while a latex sole is a great durability feature that keeps your sandals looking like new.

Convinced that the Kya designer wedge sandals are a must have for your summer shoe collection this summer? Stop in and see us at The Shoe Spa today to try on a pair! If you can’t make it into the store, we have you covered! Shop online at The Shoe Spa for this design and more from BeautiFeel Shoes.



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