When you want to make a dramatic entrance, with a to die for look, you can’t pair your outfit with just any old shoe! You need a pair of edgy, wow-worthy designer shoes that are just as comfortable as they are fashionable – but can awe enticing fashion exist in the realm of comfort and sensibility? Of course it can! Get the best of both worlds with The Shoe Spa’s favorite shoe this week, the Peyton women’s designer lace-up heels by BeautiFeel!

About the Brand

If you’re looking for a shoe that is equal parts class and sass, look no further than the BeautiFeel brand of women’s designer shoes. Each shoe design has its own personality and brings out different qualities in different outfits in your closet. This is definitely a brand meant for the woman who likes to make a big, bold impression with her outfit choices!

BeautiFeel aims to create elegant, feminine, and daring designs that are comfortable enough for the career-oriented woman to walk in throughout her long day. Each shoe is designed with special attention to detail during all stages of creation to ensure a shoe that is ‘born from love.’ And in addition to the feminine, chic designs, BeautiFeel has been committed to the comfort and well-being of women since its beginning in 1989.

Love chic designs and styles? Need a great pair of shoes for the office that will really make your outfit stand out? Not afraid of pushing the fashion envelope? If so, the BeautiFeel collection at The Shoe Spa may be perfect for you!

About the Shoe

The Peyton women’s designer heels are made by BeautiFeel in a solid black design or in a black and white patterned design. The upper of the women’s designer lace-up heels is made of a high-quality, soft suede material with lace adjustability up the front of the foot for easy access and removal as well as adjustability for the perfect, snug fit!

The interior of the women’s designer shoes is lined with leather material and features a well-cushioned footbed for all day and night comfort. The outsole is made of a latex material for excellent durability as well as additional support.

Check out the BeautiFeel Payton Lace-Up Designer Heels at The Shoe Spa online or in-store today! Looking for a different style, but love the BeautiFeel brand? View our large variety of different designs and styles all by BeautiFeel! While you’re at it, check out our other designer shoe lines all available at The Shoe Spa online and in-store!

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