As the weather cools down for Winter, your must-have clothing and accessories need a refresh so you can keep warm and stay on trend for Winter 2019-20 fashion. It’s time to bring out all of your cozy sweaters, stylish jeans, comfortable leggings, and warm jackets, but don’t forget that the shoes make the outfit! Fill your wardrobe with the hottest new styles in boots, booties, and close-toed shoes from the many women’s shoe designers available at The Shoe Spa!



Boots are every girl’s go-to for winter shoe fashion because they look great with almost any outfit, they protect your feet and legs from the elements, and are super comfortable to wear anywhere! The Shoe Spa is ready for winter, and fully stocked with some of the most beautiful and comfortable designer boots, so we guarantee there is the perfect pair of designer boots for every style.

Start out with the basics that can go with almost every outfit and is so comfortable, you won’t want to take them off! The Bos & Co. Rally Women’s Designer Boots are the perfect winter designer boots for any woman. The boots are made in Portugal with the upper being made of high-quality, water-wicking suede material that keeps your feet dry and warm, and looks high-fashion and stylish with any outfit you choose. The interior with fleeces and features a breathable, waterproof membrane between the lining and upper to prevent wetness and cold from reaching your toes! The Rally Women’s Designer Boots have a chunky, 2” heel that makes walking extremely easy and comfortable and gives you the perfect amount of height with your outfit so you really stand out!

If you’re looking for a designer women’s boot that reaches your calf, the Bos. & Co. Ream Women’s Designer Boots might be exactly what you’re looking for! The upper of the Ream Women’s Designer Boots are made of a water-wicking and water-resistant suede material with a stretchable microfiber top that is perfect for trekking through snow without sacrificing your style or destroying your shoes! The interior of the designer women’s boots is lined with fleece and features an extra-supportive, well-cushioned footbed for comfort no matter where you may be. The Ream designer boot, like the Rally designer boot, features a 2”, chunky heel that makes walking a breeze!

When you need a casual – yet stylish – look for a weekend at the ski lodge with friends, a day running to all of the kids’ winter activities, or a comfortable shoe for Black Friday shopping, the L’Amour Des Pieds Raynelle Women’s Designer Boots are the ideal option! The outer is made of super-soft, high-quality suede material and detailed entirely with shiny stones that really sets these boot apart from the rest. The interior features a well-cushioned, supportive footbed to keep you as comfortable as possible for a day spent on your feet. Finally, the outer sole is made of a flexible, synthetic material for durability and excellent traction so you can navigate more treacherous weather.


If tall boots aren’t your thing, the classic women’s designer bootie is the perfect shoe to have available in chilly weather, and at The Shoe Spa, you don’t ever have to sacrifice great style for comfort and warmth!

If you’re in need of a casual designer bootie to match with jeans or pants, the Thierry Rabotin Gatto Women’s Designer Booties are a must-have! The Gatto Women’s Designer Booties have a two-tone upper made of high-quality leather and super-soft suede, perforated for a unique design and completed with thick elastic instep straps for easy access and removal, as well as a snug fit to keep the winter air from your toes. The interior is lined with leather material and features an extra supportive footbed for comfort throughout the day and night. These designer booties would look perfect paired with jeans, a t-shirt and cardigan or jacket!

If you’re going for a bit more of a glitz and glam look, don’t let colder weather stop you with the Gabor 616 Sparkle Women’s Designer Bootie! The 616 Sparkle designer bootie is made in Portugal with a glistening, multi-textured leather material that sparkles and shines. The interior is lined with leather and has an extra supportive footbed for all day and night comfort no matter where you are, and the sole is made of a wonderful synthetic material for added comfort and durability. With an approximate heel height of 2 ½” with the chunky heel, these women’s designer booties would look perfect with a pair of black slacks, or a beautiful dress!

Finding the perfect shoe that sits just between casual and formal can be difficult during any season, but the BeautiFeel Gia Women’s Designer Booties may be just what you’re looking for! The designer booties are made in Israel with an upper made of high-quality, soft suede material with elastic around the upper for a snug fit. The interior features extra cushioning with a very supportive footbed and is lined completely in leather. With an approximate heel height of 1 ¾” with a wide heel, you’ll certainly be comfortable no matter where you are! You can pair the Gia Women’s Designer Bootie with leggings and an oversized sweater, or dress it up with a pair of slacks, a colorful blouse, and a blazer!

Close-Toed Shoes

If boots and booties are still not the style for you, you definitely need to have some closed-toed shoes to keep your feet warm and look great with your winter wardrobe! The Shoe Spa has a huge selection of closed-toed shoes ranging from loafers to ballet flats to heels that would be perfect to match with sweaters, jackets, jeans and leggings.

Go for the perfect office vibe from head-to-toe with the BeautiFeel Chloe Women’s Designer Loafer!  The Cloe designer loafers are made in Israel with a high-quality, supple suede upper in taupe with a contrasting black trim and tassel embellishment for a fun and sophisticated look. The interior is lined with leather and features a supportive footbed and cushioning for all-day comfort! The sole is made of a flexible, latex material that bends and moves with your foot and has just enough height at approximately ½” that looks great with a pair of slacks or pants.

Go for a weekend vibe filled with cozy flannels and stylish leather jackets paired with these Softinos Bauk Women’s Designer Sneakers! The Bauk women’s sneakers are made in Portugal and are available in grey, white, and black. The upper is made of soft leather with lace adjustability for easy access and removal and gives the designer sneakers a casual look that is perfect for any laid back setting. The interior is lined with leather and has excellent support and is well-cushioned so you can stay on your feet all day without any aches and pains. Pair these designer sneakers with jeans and your favorite worn flannel or even a chunky sweater!

If you’re the type of woman who really loves to stand out in a crowd, or enjoys pops of fun colors and prints with your outfits, you’ll love the Thierry Rabotin Grace Women’s Designer Ballet Shoes! The Grace Women’s Designer Ballet Flat is made in Italy with an upper designed with super soft and high-quality leather material that features an elastic inset on the top of the shoe for easy access and removal. The upper is designed with a bold, fun leopard print that is sure to make your outfit stand out from the rest. The interior features all of the most important luxury elements: a leather-lined interior, extra cushioning, and excellent support! Match these designer women’s ballet flats with a pair of black leggings and a chunky sweater, a black dress and cardigan, or a t-shirt with jeans and a leather jacket!

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