On those days that you need a strappy sandal and would prefer to steer clear of the heels, there really is no better option than a great gladiator style sandal! It’s the perfect balance between fancy and casual and is a great way to bring a little extra something to your look. That’s why, this week, our favorite shoe is the Dionisa Designer Women’s Sandal by L’Amour Des Pieds!

About the Shoe

The gladiator sandal is a classic look for women that has the ability to take any look to the next level, and the L’Amour Des Pieds Dionisa Designer Sandal are the perfect gladiator sandal for any woman!

The Dionisa designer sandal is made of a high-quality, soft leather material that is just as luxurious as it is comfortable. The lace adjustability down the front of the sandal allows for easy access and removal, as well as a fun and casual design element. The interior is lined with comfortable, smooth leather and features a unique memory foam cushioned footbed for the ultimate comfort level all day and all night.

Wear these designer sandals with a pair of shorts and a tank top, or with a fun dress for a truly unique and always comfortable look!

Find the Dionisa Designer Sandals and more from L’Amour Des Pieds at The Shoe Spa!

About the Brand

Translated as “The Love of Feet” There is really no better way to describe the L’Amour Des Pieds brand! Wat you put on your feet before leaving the house in the morning has the ability to make or break your entire day, and since L’Amour Des Pieds cares not just about the looks of their shoes, but the woman who is wearing them, the brand designs their shoes to be just as comfortable as they are stylish! The mission of the brand has been to create a comfort experience so you won’t be just wearing a shoe, but experiencing a lifestyle.

The brand uses technology and design to give the most amount of comfort possible to the woman wearing the shoe. Using specially engineered designs such as the Remac Arch that molds to your foot for custom comfort. The footbed of each shoe is wrapped in what the brand calls “naked leather” that not only feels great on your skin, but gives a luxury, high-end look. L’Amour Des Pieds is the go-to shoe for the on-the-go woman!

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