The weather is warming up and wedding season begins, once again! And as much as you love wearing a new dress with new accessories every other weekend for another family member’s or friend’s wedding, finding just the right pair of shoes – for a wedding, specifically – can be challenging! These can’t be your everyday shoes. You can’t wear the stiletto’s you wear to date night or to a club, either.

You need a pair of shoes that help complete and enhance your outfit and are comfortable enough to keep on all night, no matter how many times the bride’s uncle requests the electric slide or the Y.M.C.A. Luckily for you, The Shoe Spa is filled with wedding-appropriate shoes that are both stylish and comfortable!

Playing it Safe in Designer Flats

If heels aren’t really your thing, don’t think that you have to wear them to a wedding. In fact, a lot of times a pair of designer flats are much more appropriate wedding attire. Not only are they a lot more comfortable for dancing and spending hours on your feet than heels, but they are perfect no matter what they weather may look like that day.

The Gabor 169 Dancing ballet flats are a great overall choice for a wedding shoe. The suede material is perforated for a light, breezy look and feel that works well with outdoor and indoor wedding venues. The bronze color works well with all outfit colors and styles. These designer ballet flats would look great with brighter colored dresses like a turquoise blue or a sunflower yellow.

If you want to go with something a little more on the sophisticated side, you could slip on the Joan Oloff Claudia designer ballet flats in either black and white or blue! These are definitely reserved for the more classy and chic wedding events. The gold box on the front of the foot is accented with gold and would compliments a gold dress or a white pant suit. Perhaps just as great as the design, the footbed has excellent support and cushioning for long nights of dancing!

Boho Chic and Casual Designer Heels

When there are summer weddings, you can almost guarantee you’ll find yourself in an outdoor venue or two. Traditionally, outdoor weddings tend to be more on the casual side that an indoor affair, and the bride and groom may even stress a ‘boho’ or ‘farm’ theme to guests. So, you will need to complete your look with a pair of shoes that is more on the casual  side but still appropriate for a wedding.

The Onex Natalie designer wedge heels can be a great accessory for either a beach or a farm-style wedding. The upper is made of a chic, braided fabric that gives these platform sandals a natural, earthy look you’ll love. The wedge, platform heel make these an ideal outdoor-wedding shoe so you won’t sink through the sand, or catch a heel in the dirt, but you don’t have to resign yourself to flats, either. The interior is lined with Fabric and the well-cushioned footbed gives you great comfort throughout the day and night.

For something a little bit different, you could try the Miz Mooz Carey designer heels. These are a great look for a casual, rustic or barn-style wedding. The upper is made of a soft, vintage leather with a hidden wire frame that keeps the shape of the shoe no matter how many times you wear them. The buckle adjustable strap and the studded design are great, simple style elements that would compliment a cute, summer dress.

Dramatic Looks Without Dramatic Discomfort

If you have an air for the dramatic, or you’re attending a wedding for a couple who enjoys bold fashion choices, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort for fashion! While these types of shoes tend to be a little more difficult to match and compliment your outfit, you can find some pretty wild and fashionable designs at The Shoe Spa.

Like these, Right Bank Trina designer heels designed with a python printed leather and a mesh, elastic upper. The bronze colored midsole and interior compliment the bronze, 3 ½” stiletto heel. These are a great way to compliment a solid color, gold or red, dress for your next high-fashion wedding and your feet and ankles won’t be aching by the end of the reception!

If you want something fun to wear, with just a touch of drama, try the Salpy Angela designer heels! The upper is made of a soft leather and features a fun, ruffled design on the toe strap. The ankle strap is buckle adjustable with a lightweight wooden heel and midsole. Rubber is built into the sole to help absorb shock with each step so you can keep these 4” heels on through the ceremony and the reception!

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