Do you cuff your jeans? Or do you tuck them? Can you wear your fall boots with dresses and skirts? There are so many options for styling your new Fall boots, but not all of them are the best for your unique look!

At The Shoe Spa, we have hundreds of different styles of designer booties and Fall boots for every occasion during every woman’s favorite time of the year. Let us show you all of the different ways you can show off your new favorite pair!

Designer Booties with Cuffed Jeans

There’s a fine line between the to-tuck or to-cuff rule when it comes to wearing Fall boots with jeans. The key is to consider where the top of the boot lands against your leg and how close the material fits against your skin. If you tuck jeans into too-short boots, it can look sloppy and severely diminish all of the hard work you put into your look!

Generally, most designer ankle booties, when worn with jeans, should be cuffed in order to show the detail of the design on the boots. The great thing about most booties is that you can wear them with just about any style of jean – skinny, boyfriend, boot-cut – and cuff them accordingly while still looking fashionable. Don’t be afraid to play with how exactly you cuff, you’ll be surprised at exactly how many ways you can style just your jeans with Fall boots!

Designer Boots with Tucked Jeans

While with ankle booties, you would most likely cuff your jeans to really show off your favorite new Fall designer shoes, there are a few instances where tucking your jeans is the best way to really accentuate your seasonal look.

Starting with the obvious, when wearing boots that reach above your ankles or are knee length it’s clear that you would tuck your jeans into your boots. This look is best when wearing skinny jeans to prevent any bunching above the tops of your boots. However, if you love a boot that reaches midthigh, jeans are not the best match and you should instead wear these with leggings or a dress (which we’ll talk about later!)

You can also tack your jeans when wearing cowboy boots, or boots that don’t tightly hug your ankles. These are okay to tuck your jeans (even at ankle height) because they won’t cause your jeans to bunch and clump around your ankles. Keep in mind, if you are going to wear these types of designer boots with jeans tucked in, it’s best to wear these with skinny jeans or boot cut jeans.

Fall Boots and Fall Dresses

Just because it’s getting cooler and you’re bringing out your cute, warm Fall boots doesn’t mean you have to pack away your dresses! Pairing your boots with cute Fall dresses is much easier than you think with just a couple of must-follow rules.

For casual days or office attire, you’ll want to wear something more on the modest side meaning a dress that reaches almost to your knees or longer. If you’re going for a casual look, try a mid-thigh length or a knee length dress in a neutral or muted color (browns, whites, maroons, and olive greens) with a pair of ankle boots with a low heel. You can also, for a more formal look, pair a calf length pencil skirt with a great pair of booties that are ankle length or shorter and made with an upper of velvet or patent leather for a professional polish.

If your taste is geared more toward the thigh-high boots, you’re going to want to go for a much more edgy look whether you’re going out for a night dancing or heading to a business meeting at the office. For occasions that you need give a professional impression, you can wear thigh-high, black leather or suede boots with a more form fitting dress in a solid color, usually black, red or white but a deep navy blue is also a good option. For a night out dancing, feel free to wear a much shorter, form-fitting dress and match your outfit with dark colored tights!

No matter what your taste or the occasion, The Shoe Spa has a great selection of designer boots and booties for all of your Fall fashion needs!



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