Most office settings are casual now-a-days. Wearing jeans to the office on weekdays other than Friday is common in most businesses and business-professional attire has become more scarce. However, employees should always strive to look their best while at work to promote a better work mind and work environment. So, what shoes for the office are appropriate?

One of the most difficult decisions – for most women, every morning – is what are the best pair of shoes for the office? You need to coordinate your shoes with your outfit, find a pair that are comfortable enough to leave on throughout the day, and choose a pair that are appropriate for your environment at work.

A Bit of Business Blingshoes for the office

There’s no rule that says you can’t add a little bling and glam to your office look – though be careful it’s not too much. The Joan Oloff Jamie ballet flat in beige is a great way to spice up your look while still promoting an appropriate style for the workplace.

Ballet flats are a great alternative to high heels for a professional look, though you need to be sure you don’t choose a more casual style. These ballet flats come in a gorgeous, neutral color that works with a number of different outfits so you can get a lot of use from them. And don’t worry about the soles wearing out, or the upper material looking less than perfect. The sole is made of a durable leather and the rubber heel provides great traction while the upper is constructed of a beautiful, high-quality soft-suede that will look like-new no matter how often you wear them.

The medallion adornment on the toe is an excellent design element that allows you to stand out without appearing too blingy for the workplace. Additionally, the gold medallion won’t clash with any wardrobe color choices.

A Pop of Professional Print

While these shoes wouldn’t be a good choice for an interview or – possibly – a meeting with a client or partner, the Salpy Yolanda Pump in leopard print is an excellent solution to add some personality to a business look.

shoes for the officeThough this is something to wear with a simpler outfit and less accessories, the Yolanda pump is a great shoe to have access to for work. What women love about this shoe is the low heel with a rubber inset so you can feel comfortable walking in icy or slippery conditions. The low heel gives you the lift and height you want but is practical for being on your feet all day. Additionally, a padded footbed and additional arch support helps to prevent aches and pains in your knees, arches, and heels that women commonly complain about at the end of a long day.

The leopard print is loud, but works with a plant pant and simple blouse, or an all-black outfit with a white or neutral color blazer. Be careful not to add any other “loud” accessories while wearing these shoes at work. Too much flashiness can be off-putting in the workplace.

shoes for the officeThe Go-To Black Heel for Business Deals

Every woman – whether you work in a formal office or a more casual setting – need a go-to pair of “little black heels.” The Sacha London Akim pump in black is a great shoe to wear with any outfit whether you’re pairing it with some jeans and a black t-shirt or a pencil skirt and blazer.

The soft suede material of this shoe is what allows the versatility in wear. Its soft look doesn’t look overly formal for casual wear but when worn with professional attire, pulls an outfit together. What we love about the Akim pump is the sling-back strap with the buckle adjustment that keeps your feet snug in your shoe without slipping but is also easily accessed and removed.

These heels are not only easy to walk in with a 3” heel, they’re super comfortable! The leather lining throughout the interior of the shoe prevents rubbing that can leave sore spots on your skin and extra cushioning in the footbed that make walking and standing much more comfortable during meetings and presentations. It’s everything you could want in a heel!

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