The Summer Olympics are in full swing in Rio, and all of America is celebrating as our nation’s team leads the world in medals. If you aren’t watching in Rio, odds are you’re watching from home with friends and family. Support your nation’s team no matter where you are with red, white and blue and new comfortable designer shoes from The Shoe Spa.

Fly London Designer Sneakers

Watch your favorite Olympic game then head outside for a walk, go to your spin class, or run your daily errands without switching shoes! The Fly London Teti sneakers in red are a great compliment to your USA inspired outfit and are stylish and comfortable so you can wear them just about anywhere.

designer shoesMade in Portugal, these Fly London sneakers have an extra supportive footbed so you can pace through your living room as the United States competes in the Olympic games, then go out and take a nice long walk in the evening! The athletic chic look is in this summer, so no matter where you sport you USA look you’ll stand out as the most fashionable American in the room. Wear these with a red tennis skirt and a USA tank top during the day, and when it cools down in the evening, throw on a pair of jeans and you won’t have to change shoes!

Pons Quintana Platform Sandals

On a beach vacation while the Rio Olympics are on? You don’t need to break your casual vibe to support your national team!

designer shoesThe Pons Quintana Karen platform sandals in blue have a relaxed, beach feel in a vibrant blue that is sure to scream “USA!” Head out to dinner with the family in a fun, red dress slip on these wedge sandals in a weave pattern with a metallic finish to complete your look. If you have a full day of shopping, sightseeing, and more in mind, you can travel comfortably all day with the padded footbed and excellent support.

L’Amour Des Pieds Designer Shoes

Get the sneaker feel with a luxury red, white and blue look when you buy the L’Amour Des Pieds Trinette sneakers in white!

designer shoesThe soft leather with an airy, light design gives you all of the comfort of a sneaker with a high-end look that allows for great versatility in outfit selection. Not only can these designer shoes compliment your Olympic look, but you can wear them continuously all year long with jeans, tennis skirt, and shorts! Don’t miss out on getting the most comfortable and fashionable shoes you will ever slip your feet into.

Peter Kaiser Casual Loafers

Need an Olympic look to wear in the office? Have dinner plans after work and don’t want to change your look? Loafers are a great answer to your problems – but can you find the right pair to complement your USA spirit?

designer shoesThe Peter Kaiser Rif Loafer in navy is a great look for ladies that won’t make your feet sore at the end of a long day. Shine as bright as any medal won by team USA with the Swarovski crystal band across the top of the velvety soft, navy blue suede! Walk around all day without pinching or rubbing thanks to the leather lined interior that makes these comfortable shoes that much more comfortable. Wear these designer shoe sin the evening with a navy blue pants suit or dress, or with a pair of slacks and a red, white and blue shirt!

Arche Ballet Flats

Since no woman can go too long without slipping into a pair of comfortable ballet flats, why not have a pair that shows your love for your nation’s team during the Olympic games?

designer shoesThe Arche Onara ballet flats in red may be one of the most versatile options for the patriotic and fashionable woman enjoying the Rio Olympics. These sassy red ballet flats would look fashionable and trendy in the office, on a date, or shopping with your friends! And they’re a shoe you can wear year round, no matter the weather. The soft, nubuck leather and perforated toe cap make these both a formal and a casual option for women of all ages.

Shopping for a last-minute Olympic look? Or do you just want to score some great deals during our 50% Off sale? Either way, The Shoe Spa has an answer for all of your needs. Shop comfortable designer shoes online or visit us in-store today!

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