Planning a beach trip with family and friends this summer? If you’re anything like me, the worst part about planning a vacation is planning what goes in your suitcase! Because it’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared, you end up packing enough clothes to last you a month, even though your vacation is only planned for a week. Rather than packing an arsenal of shoes for every occasion, check out these staple shoes that The Shoe Spa has dubbed the best sandals for summer vacation!

A Pair of Designer Sandals Great for Walking

You’re going to do a lot of walking down the boardwalk, to the little beach shops, to nights out at all of the different Oceanside venues. You don’t want to wear sneakers that are too hot for the warm weather, but are there any sandals that are both comfortable and stylish?

best sandals for summerThe Gentle Souls Olivia strappy sandals in brown are a great shoe to throw in your suitcase for a beach vacation! Not only does the color go with everything, but the strappy, weaved look on the upper of the sandal can be both a casual and a more dressy look, giving these shoes enough versatility to be worn anywhere at any time. The zipper entry in the back of the shoe make these designer sandals easy to slip-on in the morning, and slip-off once you get to the beach!

But, why exactly are these on The Shoe Spa’s best sandals for summer vacation list? Because of the extra cushioning in the footbed that provides ultimate comfort, and the synthetic material in the sole for supreme durability!

Comfortable Heels for a Date Night

Of course you want to look your best throughout your entire vacation! But what about the one or two nights you and your significant other want to get away for a romantic date night of dinner and dancing? You need comfortable heels that are both beach-y and sexy!

best sandals for summerThe Naot Vogue Heel in grey and silver is a beautiful, flashy heeled sandal that can complement any summer dress you pack in your suitcase! The low heel guarantees you won’t leave the dance club or dinner with aching ankles and sore legs while the ankle strap keeps your shoes held snug on your feet all night. The laser cut design in the upper of the shoe is a beautiful design that isn’t too flashy for casual wear, but can complement a more formal outfit as well!

The Shoe Spa names these comfortable heels one of the best sandals for summer vacation because of the diversity of the colors and design. Wear them with a little black dress, a casual summer dress, or a pair of jeans and a tank top – you’ll look your best no matter what the outfit!

Casual Sandals for the Beach & Boardwalk

Last but not least – you have to have a pair of go-to, casual sandals for all of your beach activities! You would hate to wear something too fancy, or with a material that can easily be ruined, so you definitely need a summer sandal that can take a beating from sand and water.

best sandals for summerThe Salpy Shoes Bellamy thong sandal is the obvious choice for the perfect beach sandal! The neutral colors of beige and white go with just about any outfit and swimsuit and the soft leather is highly durable and won’t easily be damaged by the beach terrain. The smooth, leather lined interior won’t rub and scratch your skin as you walk to find the perfect spot to set-up your towel and lay out!

Do we need any other reason to name these designer sandals as The Shoe Spa best sandals for summer vacation? We think not.

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