The Shoe Spa features comfortable, designer shoes from many different brands. We only select designers who produce high-quality luxury shoes that our customers will love. Thierry Rabotin is an Italian designer shoe brand that produces stylish comfort shoes with only the highest quality of materials. Currently, Thierry Rabotin is “the only brand in the world that literally makes its own shoes in its own factory exclusively.”

Thierry Rabotin produces shoes that give you the feeling of walking barefoot. Their designs aim to hug the feet for a great fit and perfect comfort. Each shoe is handcrafted in Italy by Italian shoe artisans who are dedicated to creating unique, high-quality footwear with hand selected materials of the highest quality. With the “sacchetto” shoe crafting method, Thierry Rabotin is able to create a particular comfort shoe. The process involves about 200 steps by skilled, experienced, and competent craftsmen. The brand is also environmentally conscience, expressing so when they moved to a new, energy-efficient factory in 2011 to decrease the size of their carbon footprint.

The Shoe Spa is thrilled to offer you this brand at our store and online. To celebrate this unique designer, The Shoe Spa is hosting a Thierry Rabotin trunk show on January 7th & 8th. Stop in to shop all of the wonderful designs by Thierry Rabotin, and take this one time opportunity to order a pair of custom shoes from this brand! Create your own, unique look by choosing your own colors, materials, and style only at the trunk show. We can’t wait to see you there!

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