The Shoe Spa has recently welcomed a slew of new designers with beautiful collections that give women everything they need and want in a shoe – comfortable features with a fashion-forward look. Recently, The Shoe Spa has welcomed the Materia Prima line of designer shoes by the famous, Italian shoe designer Goffredo Fantini! The Materia Prima collection is a comfort shoe line with show-stopping avant-garde styles that are sure to leave you breathless.

The Designer

The Materia Prima collection is the second collection produced by famed Italian designer, Goffredo Fantini. Born and raised in Emilia-Romagna in Northern Italy, Fantini was no stranger to the beautiful design and craftsmanship you expect from Italian shoe makers. His father, Giovannia Fantini, was one of the most famous footwear pattern makers in Italy during the 20th century. Once he was older, Goffredo Fantini attended the institute of art to develop his own distinct signature that would become a part of his collection in the future.

The Materia Prima collection came about when Fantini decided to begin experimenting with different styles and designs. This collection would feature high-quality, comfortable shoes with an avant-garde design that appeals to women who enjoy bold shoes to match a bold personality. Like any good thing – these shoes are created through a lengthy process that includes a minimum of 150 diverse operations before being completed.

In 1999, Goffredo Fantini was named “Designer of the Year” by Footwear News for both of his collections that paid homage to the impeccable craftsmanship of Italian shoes with an original design you can trace back to the designer.

The Collection

The Materia Prima collection is for the woman who wants a shoe that screams, “Look at me!” when you walk into a room. The Shoe Spa loves the unique designs and the comfortable construction available in this line. From heels to sandals, this collection has a shoe that’s guaranteed to turn heads at any event!

materia primaFor a night out dancing, or an evening at the casino, the Materia Prima Como Wedge gives you the edgy, chic look you need to impress. The leather trim and synthetic, stretch material hugs your foot for the best fit possible. Pair these shoes with clean-cut, leather pants for a night out and you are guaranteed to turn heads! The 4” heel gives you the platform you need to show off your beauty no matter where you are and what you are doing.

materia primaIf the edgy, black wedged heels aren’t your style, The Materia Prima Sienna Sandal is a little more on the sweet side. The straps are made of a very soft, embossed leather with Velcro adjustability on the back strap. The front strap is covered in sequins that shine and flash with every twist and turn of your foot! Add these shoes to an otherwise plain outfit and it is instantly elevated to a fashionable, stand-out look.

He Shoe Spa is proud to be a retailer of this avant-garde, comfort shoe collection by Goffredo Fantini. You can check out the available Materia Prim collection at The Shoe Spa online, or visit us in-store today. We’re sure you’ll love the bold designs of the Materia Prima collection!

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