The Joan Oloff collection of comfortable luxury shoes is now available at The Shoe Spa, and we couldn’t be more excited! This collection is designed to give women what they’re looking for in a high-end, fashionable shoe without sacrificing the health of their feet and ankles. By completely reconstructing the structure of a high heeled shoe, Joan Oloff has shattered the saying, “beauty is pain” and transformed it into “beauty doesn’t have to be pain.”

After becoming a podiatrist, Joan Oloff began treating many women whose feet and ankles were damaged because of high heeled shoes. For years, designers of luxury high heeled shoes have been giving women what they want in a design, but have not considered the health concerns and side effects women suffer as a result of wearing teetering stilettos full-time. To answer this overwhelming need for a comfortable, designer shoe, Joan Oloff travelled to Italy (of course!) and began her career as a shoe designer.

Her line satisfies the want for a beautiful, fashion-forward design and the need for a comfortable shoe that won’t leave you with aching feet and potentially damaged ankles. With her patent pending technology, Joan Oloff made designer shoe design history when she decided to completely reconstruct the interior structure of women’s high heeled shoes. With a traditional high heeled, luxury shoe all of your weight is concentrated at the ball of your feet, with minimal weight being distributed to your heel and arch. This causes your toes to bunch up, and the ball of your foot to ache after only a couple of hours (maybe less) of wear. With Oloff’s design, weight is distributed evenly throughout your entire foot. Your arches are fit to the footbed of the shoe, relieving the weight on the ball of your foot and toes.joan oloff

Visit The Shoe Spa online or in-store today and try on a pair of the Mia heels by Joan Oloff. The upper is made of a soft suede, embossed with a reptile skin print for a high-fashion, trendy design. In addition to the traction in the sole of the shoe and the leather interior, these comfortable heels feature Oloff’s patent pending construction of the shoe.

joan oloffMaybe a heel isn’t quite what you’re looking for? The Claudia ballet flat is also a part of Oloff’s collection. The shoe is made of soft suede with an embossed leather toe cap for a design effect. The bow design and the jewel on the toe give the designer flats a sweet and sophisticated look. These will be you favorite shoes for years with the extended wear and tear protection you get with the leather sole.

Now you can have beauty and comfort, too! The Shoe Spa has brought the Joan Oloff collection to its loyal customers and we cannot wait until you see it.

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