Beth’s Favorite Shoe Of The Week! Platform Sandals

Moscu Platform Sandals by Pons Quintana

Woven shoes are a classic style and design that began back in ancient times. Leather shoes were first made during the Italian Renaissance – and woven, leather sandals are considered to be the original Italian designer shoes. Now, Pons Quintana has added a twist to the original Italian designer shoes with the Moscu platform sandals. The t-strap and lug sole add a contemporary flare that is sure to draw eyes, while the butter soft leather maintains all of the comfort our customers desire.

woven platform sandal

Pons Quintana began its legacy in 1953 and continues to remain a family-owned business, located on Menorca island in Spain. They began their business as a children’s slipper manufacturer and evolved into a designer shoe brand for both men and women. Since The Shoe Spa discovered their brand in Europe – where most of their line is sold – we have become one of their leading United States retailers.

Stop into The Shoe Spa today and become the new owner of our shoe of the week, the Pons Quintana Moscu Platform Sandal!

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