Whitney’s Favorite Shoe Of The Week! Wedge Sandals

Carousel wedge sandals by Taos Footwear

Taos Footwear is known for luxurious comfort as well as bold stylish details mix with earthy tones as inspired by the American Southwest.  This week,  Taos Carousel Wedge Sandals made it to the top of Whitney’s favorite shoe of the week!

Taos Footwear - The Shoe Spa - CarouselGorgeously designed with distressed leather, these wedge sandals are handcrafted in Portugal. They are constructed with a flexible padded contour footbed and a suede lining that makes you want to wear them from sunrise to sunset they are so comfortable.  Besides all the comfort features, Whitney’s favorite detail is the unique metal buttons that catch the light and provide contrast to the matte distress leather.  The Carousels, like all Taos designer shoes, are made with top quality materials by experienced shoe makers to ensure they will become a woman’s go-to shoes season after season.

Taos - The Shoe Spa - Carousel - RedSo, what does it really feel like to wear the Carousel Wedge Sandals?

Remember the excitement you felt as a child stepping onto a carousel?  Well, no ride on a carousel can ever match the thrill you’ll feel as you breeze through your day in our Taos Carousel wedge sandals!

Available in Grey, Navy, Red, and Taupe.  Check out other designs by Taos

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