Thierry Rabotin

We’re in the New York showroom of Thierry Rabotin which is located in the basement of their store on 3rd Avenue.

I’m surrounded by Joao Forte and Lisa McIver, exclusive agents for the eastern United States, and Karl Schlecht who is the managing partner of Thierry Rabotin worldwide.

Luxury Shoe Arrivals

Thierry Rabotin ShoesLisa and I are also seen having some fun while trying to make decisions on what styles and colors I should buy. It may seem easy, but imagine selecting from about 125 different styles each of which could be offered in five or six different types of leather with each leather offered in about eight or nine colors. Oh boy!

Come to the Thierry Rabotin trunk show on January 8th & 9th, and you will get an idea of all the possibilities.

In my opinion, Thierry Rabotin is the preeminent luxury comfort designer in today’s footwear industry. The construction is the most advanced and technologically perfect, the quality of the leathers and the hand crafting is among the best in the industry, and the design prowess ranges from classic elegance to the unimaginable. There is always something completely new. The soles are made of pure latex and they range from flats to wedges to heels to platforms and even lug bottoms. Heel heights could be anywhere from one inch to about three and a half inches all of which are within the comfort range.

Thierry Rabotin Luxury ShoesThese shoes are all made to the specifics of our orders which we place between June and August, and we receive them about four or five months later – usually in October and November. Once they are sold THAT’S IT because we can’t get another order before our season comes to an end. However, we are fortunate to be one of a handful of stores in America that has a Thierry Rabotin trunk show.

Only during this event can our customers come in to special order a shoe of their choice in the fabric and color they want; it’s actually like designing their own shoe with the probability of no one else in the world having it.

These special order shoes take several months to get as they are individually handmade. However, it is sooo worth the wait!

If you really want to know what true luxury comfort feels like come in and try on a Thierry Rabotin shoe – you’ll be amazed!

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