Spring Shoe Trends

What’s new with a shoe? Well shoes don’t remain the same year after year, and if you think you can get by with just black and brown or your old sneakers, you’ve got another think coming. A few pairs of new shoes will update your entire wardrobe, and have you feeling revitalized.

Shoes, shoes, shoes and more shoes, that’s the word for this spring and summer season at The Shoe Spa. We liked what we have seen while shopping for our 2015 selection so much that we have bought about 50 more styles than ever before. Our problem is where will we put them all. Your question is what should you be looking for that is the right style and  color for this year? At The Shoe Spa we buy with our customer in mind, and she demands two things above all else – fashion and comfort. BeautiFeel Edyta in FuschiaWe provide the most complete selection of fashionable comfort shoes found anywhere; our mix of designers, prices and styles is simply exceptional. Innovation and advances in materials and construction make discovering new brands and styles exciting and satisfying. We strive to bring you the best from Europe, South America, the USA and more. The Shoe Spa is your ticket for a trip around the world in fashion for your feet. The mood that the footwear industry seems to be establishing includes Individuality, Creativity, Sophisticated Simplicity, Exoticism, and above all – Excitement! It’s obvious the shoe designers have come out of the recession.

When thinking about new shoes and their fashion trends one must consider many things; a few of which would include the following: What Heel height and type – A Wedge or platform – Sandal, shoe or boot – Thong, mule or pump – Casual or dressy – Lace up or slip on – Leather, patent or suede – Support and cushioning or flat and hard – Flexible sole or rigid – Pistachio, lavender or salmon – Black, brown or navy – and much, much more.

New Brands

We’ve added several new brands to our assortment. We hope you will find them as exciting and beautiful as we do. They include Ron White, Pikolinos, Johnston & Murphy, Taos, Calou Clogs, Agilis, Rapisardi and Ticket to Timbuktu. We’re also substantially increasing our selection from Fly London, Gentle Souls, Cordani, Arcopedico, Pons Quintana, Gabor, and Helle Comfort.

Style Categories

The shoe styles for 2015 are the most exciting we have seen since opening our business in 2005. It is hard to believe that we’re entering into our tenth year in the footwear industry with our store. The collections we have decided upon, whether new to us or tried and true, are extremely exciting and are full of new silhouettes and color; they are saying, “It’s time to be stepping out in style”. To simplify what we see as fashion trends for 2015, we have highlighted categories that all have their own trends in the marketplace. They are shape, fabrication, color, heels, flats, strap detailing, and ornamentation.
Thierry Rabotin Sandal
SHAPE – The market reflects a lot of geometric shapes or architectural form. There are pleasing lines on the foot that will make it look longer and leaner. New styling and detail on the sides of platform wedges add to the dimension of many styles. We also see many variations of T straps and ankle straps that also add style as well as function for fit and security while beautifying the foot. Don’t miss the return of the pointed toe; it will have its place even in comfort footwear.

FABRICATION – Of course, leather always dominates and it includes suede, patent and embossed or printed motifs and textures. We believe that suede is extremely rich and sensual, and that it is suitable for all times of the year. Salpy Sonya WedgeAlso look for new stretch micro fibers, elastic strapping, jutes and canvas. Perhaps most important is all the new methods of printing or embossing color and texture onto soft and supple leathers and especially suede’s to create a plethora of interesting looks; many suede’s have been transformed to become nearly nonrecognizable as suede. More woven techniques have been used than we’ve ever seen; look for them as straps, inserts and as all over fabrications. Skins are more important than ever; look for all types of snake and lizard whether real or embossed to look real, and you’re bound to see them in great colors that may seem unnatural to the jungle, but are lots of fun.

COLOR – As always, black and brown lead the way, but don’t you have enough of these already. This season is the time to get more daring and have some excitement on your feet. Lots of color is being shown, and we’re buying into it for you. The market for 2015 is showing an amazing amount of blues from navy to sky, greens from dark olive to lime, yellows from mustard to sunflower, and reds in all types of shades and combinations. Don’t think for a minute that metallic’s are passé; they come alive in the newest of shades and styles.

HEELS – Being a comfort store we don’t usually select heels that are over 2¾ inches unless there is a platform under the toe box that keeps the pitch or angle of the footbed in the comfort category. There are many unique heel types from which to choose, and the fashion market has really spiked themselves way up high – like six inches or so. For 2015 we like these the best: chunky, square, kitten, tapered and the platform wedge with a multitude of variations. Don’t be afraid of height as long as the pitch or angle of descent is not severe and the shoe provides stability while walking.
Salpy Bethanny Heel
FLATS – The must haves for travel and day wear are all the new shapes encompassed into flats or very low heels and wedges. For us they must have great arch support and cushioning to rate into our comfort category, so don’t forget to look for good foot support and padded footbeds which really make comfort shoes what they are supposed to be. Look for the new fashion styles that look somewhat like sneakers, but with style and unique fabrications. Flats can also be ballets, moccasins, loafers, thongs or sandals. They can be closed up or open with peep toes and sling back straps, and please don’t miss the side cut outs that add the most new interest.

STRAP DETAILING – Straps are everywhere, especially at or around the ankle. They buckle, wrap and tie or use Velcro closures, and, for newness, they are most prominent above the instep and below the ankle – just about in the area in between. They embrace metal, patent inserts, and often cross over the foot with stretch or have adjustable features to provide for a secure fit.

ORNAMENTATION – Flowers of all shapes and sizes are utilized everywhere, and they appear as contrasting or self color of many different materials. Appliqués are used to create unique trims on toes, heels and straps. Beading creates interest by changing colors or shades of color that add to shoe design. Metal is being used to trim many parts of the new shoes, especially straps and highlights on the instep or toe box of many styles. Jewels show up often as trim ornamentation on the new shoes; they are used to set off unique shapes as well as add embellishment to basic styles. Laser cutouts are everywhere; they began several seasons ago and are now popular in many brands where they not only add patterns to otherwise plain leather but also create breathability for cooler feet on warm or hot days.

As you can see, we’re really excited to bring you our best selection ever, so keep an eye on the Shoe Spa during the coming months!

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