PENNYSTRAP-BLUECALOUIn 2005 Carina Werderitsch had the idea to change her career path forever. While designing jewelry in Italy, she began thinking about the tradition of Swedish wooden clogs and the traditional craftsmanship behind her favorite pair of clogs.


She admired the Swedish craftsmanship of her clogs, and the work that went into making each pair, but she wanted to modernize them. She wanted to hold onto the same quality of craftsmanship while creating a specially-made, quality shoe for all women to enjoy wearing.

She wanted to make them unique with bold colors and different styles while also making them comfortable by designing a different sole and using quality materials. Fortunately, as Werderitsch decided to begin designing shoes rather than jewelry, clogs were about to make a big revival in the fashion industry.

Calou Shoes uses the best leather, suede, and nubuck materials that can be found to create stylish, brightly colored, and comfortable shoes that every woman can spend the entire day wearing without becoming uncomfortable. The flexible polyurethane soles add Calou Shoes’ comfortability by absorbing shock while walking rather than the traditional Swedish wooden sole that clogs have always been associated with.

Every pair of Calou clogs are handmade to ensure the quality and uniqueness of each pair so that every woman feels as if that pair of clogs was made specifically for them. Ranging from the traditional clog style, to high-heels, to boots, Calou Shoes has completely modernized the Swedish clogs while still holding true to the tradition behind the shoe.

The Shoe Spa proudly introduces Calou Shoes as an international shoe company that their clients will soon fall in love with.  “We are passionate about our shoes,” says Werderitsch, “And we hope you’ll be as happy in them as we are!”


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