It seems like I end up on the floor whether I’m selling Salpy shoes in our store or buying them! I consider Salpy shoes to really be the jewelry of The Shoe Spa. Their styles include boots, flats, heels and wedges that come in a variety of sandals, slides, pumps, and sling backs. The fabrications range from real skins to silks, leathers, embossed suedes and even lace treatments. What’s really great is that nearly every Salpy style can be made in almost any of their fabrics. Salpy herself comes to do a trunk show every year in January (this year it’s the 22nd & 23rd), and during the trunk show you can have a chance to work hand in hand with Salpy to create your own custom shoe.


Salpy and I are picking styles, fabrics and colors while at a trade show in New York. She and her husband Kevork manage all aspects of their business from their factory in Southern California. All of their shoes are designed and hand crafted there with precise techniques ranging from actual last making to hand cutting and polishing wooden soles to trimming the unique fabrications with unique broaches or flowers, and much, much more. We were fortunate to visit the factory, and see how it’s really done last summer. It’s wonderful being so well connected to and friends with Salpy and Kevork, and it’s fantastic to be working with a family business located in the good old USA that actually makes their own products.

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