Farzana’s Favorite Shoe Of The Week! Slingback Wedges

In the fashion world, the term slingback sometimes carries a negative connotation in terms of comfort and functionality. Many women hear the word slingback and think of the pair of high heels that sit in their closet and rarely get any use outside of formal occasions. This week, Farzana has picked a shoe that takes the slingback to new heights by combining the comfort of a walking shoe with the beautiful design of peep-toe wedges.

Cody Slingback Peep Wedges by Thierry Rabotin

If you’re looking to add a pair of slingbacks to your wardrobe, then the Cody Wedge is the perfect option for women who want comfort, support and a fashionable design. These beautiful slingback peep-toe wedges are handmade by Thierry Rabotin in Italy using his traditional sacchetto construction. This method combines the processes of modern technology with the skilled hands of the top artisans in Europe.

The Cody slingback wedge is one of our favorite creations from Thierry Rabotin! Its elastic instep and incredibly well-padded footbed provide unmatched comfort and support. Combined with a rubber outsole, these wedges become especially versatile and great for walking. These beautiful pewter wedges are great with denim, pants, skirts and even dresses. With the fall season approaching, you need a pair of these in your wardrobe.

Cody Slingback Wedges from the Thierry Rabotin Collection

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