Whitney’s Favorite Shoe Of The Week! Spectator Shoes

It’s always great to own a pair of shoes that have a bit of a vintage vibe to them. In the fashion world, spectator shoes are slowly making their way back with designers putting their own modern spin on the classic style. While previously known for distinctly contrasted colors, BeautiFeel has implemented a tonal look to their version of the spectator shoe that gives these heels a unique look. Coupled with incredible comfort and Oxford influence, the BeautiFeel Geti is Whitney’s choice for Shoe of the Week.

Geti Spectator Shoes by BeautiFeel

With spectator shoes becoming quite the rage in today’s fashion, we’re finding a lot of designers are having trouble remaining true to the style while staying comfortable. Fortunately, the Geti lace-up doesn’t fall under that umbrella with its Oxford influence and contrasting colors.

These closed toe heels are designed and hand-crafted in Israel by BeautiFeel. With incredible attention to detail, these modern spectator shoes flaunt a tonal look that slowly transitions from metallic grey to solid black on the heel. This gorgeous look is complimented by unbelievable comfort with the use of a patented foam footbed from heel to toe that stabilizes the arch while reducing shock. Geti uppers are constructed from some of the softest patent leathers with a flexible sole made of natural latex rubber. So while they have a formal appearance, you can certainly wear Geti lace-ups for an extended period of time due to their comfort technology.

These fashionable lace-ups are perfect for this season and will help bring together your next outfit whether it’s formal or a little more casual!

Geti Spectator Shoes for Women from BeautiFeel - Shoe Spa

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