AGL shoes with Shoe Spa in New York

AGL Shoe Collection – New York 2014

This morning I feel like the character, Eloise, because I’m in a beautiful suite in the Plaza Hotel where Atillio Guisti Leombruni (AGL) is showing their collection in New York. I am happily accompanied by Laura Berson and Marta McKay, AGL’s exclusive sales agents in the USA and two women that have a huge passion for comfortable, stylish shoes. The collection is loaded with great pieces that we’re really excited to bring our customers in the upcoming months.

When attending the AGL show, I went in expecting the handmade comfort and fashionable designs that have become synonymous with the brand. And as expected, AGL shoes delivered. For those unfamiliar with the brand, AGL shoes and bags are handcrafted in the company’s factory located just outside of Venice, Italy. They’re renowned for their exquisite leathers and quality craftsmanship that result in unmatched comfort and style. Crafted with a true designer’s eye, AGL has become a favorite among Shoe Spa customers both online and in-store. From peep toe flats to designer loafers, they keep a variety of classic styles fresh each and every season!

Overall, New York has been a blast so far and AGL always impresses with their collection. Plus, Marta always has the best selection of chocolates too!

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