Espadrilles have become the to go-to style for women during the summer months. The shoe has been refined and updated over the years to provide comfort and flexibility without comprising their unique style, and through this process Andre Assous has emerged as the “King of Espadrilles”. However, his rise to prominence wasn’t the simplest of journeys.

A Break Into the Shoe Industry

Originally a civil engineer from France, Andre Assous came to the United States in 1969. His career was a bit scattered living in California, but his break into the fashion industry was soon to come.

After working in California for a few years, he learned of a department store that had recently sold 300 pairs of espadrilles. At the time, Assous had a French contact that was ready to import espadrilles, and Andre quickly approached the local buyer. With the popularity of espadrilles rising in the US, the buyer quickly placed an order for 2,000 pairs.

A Growing Force

Andre Assous officially formed his brand in 1979, where his own designs began to come into play. His wedges caught the eye of big-name retailers and brands, and Andre began designing and distributing some of his shoes as private label products. Between his own brand and private label business, he’s sold hundreds of thousands of shoes.

Today, his personal brand has taken over the fashion footwear industry. He’s expanded his line to include various styles, including womens sandals and flats. All of his shoes are manufactured in Spain and Italy, providing fashion-focused customers with quality espadrilles for the last 40 years. His shoes now put a huge emphasis on comfort, and each product that hits the market is designed and tested to keep your feet looking great and feeling even better.

One of our favorite aspects about Andre Assous is his devotion and love of independent retailers, like the The Shoe Spa. He shares not only our love of shoes, but also the belief that customers deserve a greater experience than many big-name department stores care to offer.

Check out some of our favorites from our Andre Assous selection below:

Andre Assous Erika Espadrille – Navy

Andre Assous Erika Espadrille - Navy

Dainty Espadrille – Beige

Andre Assous Dainty Espadrille - Beige

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