One of the most recognizable brands on the streets of Italy, Pas de Rouge uses master craftsman to create their signature style. Their attention to detail is world-class, giving women everywhere fashionable footwear options with maximum comfort.

Elegant, Italian History

The Gritti Shoe Factory has been producing fashionable footwear for decades, and one of the more recent brand creations under the company is Pas de Rouge. Each pair is handcrafted in the Brenta Footwear District of Italy, a location notorious for creating some of the world’s most fashionable shoes year after year. Pas de Rouge expands upon this region’s focus on fashion by putting equal emphasis on the comfort of their wedges and heels.

At the heart of Pas de Rouge lie the master Italian craftsmen who work on these shoes. Conventional manufacturing processes are manually handled, and each part of the process is monitored to ensure the highest quality product. The craftsmen at Pas de Rouge utilize “Sacchetto” (slip lasting) construction, which is the key to supreme Italian comfort.

Quality Materials and Design

Pas de Rouge combines at least 60 elements to make each pair of shoes. The latest generation of high tech materials intermingle with the classic model of Italian shoemaking to produce some of the finest women’s shoes on the market. Specialty rubber soles absorb up to 50% of shock vibrations, while the heels are laser-cut from ultra-lightweight materials to provide resistance. High quality hides are handpicked for their softness and elasticity to produce a shoe that is soft and enveloping, allowing it to fit like a glove. These shoes provide both elegance and comfort, making them easily wearable all day long.

Ready to wear and perfect for any moment of the day is the experience expected from each pair of Pas de Rouge shoes. A precision production process entrusted to the eyes and touch of expert artisans guarantees the excellence of each and every pair. When you see the distinctive red liner, know that you’re getting a quality piece of Italian fashion.

See some of our favorite Pas de Rouge selections from The Shoe Spa below, and remember to keep an eye on our new arrivals section so you can grab all the latest styles.

Silvia D – Black

Silvia D Wedge

Magda – Tan

Magda Heel

G903 Nori Wedge – Grey & Silver

G903 Nori Wedge

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