Many of you already know we have a great selection of shoes for every kind of occasion and season. Today we’re spotlighting our collection of Thierry Rabotin shoes and some of the new designs from their Italy-based factory.

Who is Thierry Rabotin?

Thierry Rabotin comes from a tiny village in west central France where he was born in the fifties. He worked in woman’s wear, children’s wear and knitwear before becoming involved with shoemaking. The necessity of answering that age-old question concerning the discomfort of the foot became his absolute personal motivation when Thierry began to work exclusively in footwear design and manufacturing.

In 1978, Thierry Rabotin set out to create shoes that are as blissfully comfortable as going barefoot. Today, the Thierry Rabotin factory in Italy preserves age-old artisan shoemaking skills while maintaining the highest technical standards. Soft, premium-quality leathers are joined using a sacchetto construction that ensures a flexible, lightweight, and glove like fit, with Poron memory foam in the insole.


Why We Love Thierry Rabotin Shoes

The old saying goes “You get what you pay for.” In the case of Thierry Rabotin shoes, this phrase couldn’t be truer.

The build quality is top notch and each shoe is hand-crafted from the finest materials in Italy. Buy a pair of Thierry Rabotin’s and you will have a pair of shoes for life – even when styles change.

Not only will these shoes last a lifetime, but you could spend a lifetime wearing them. Thierry Rabotin is renowned for making some of the most comfortable shoes in the world. Whether you spend an entire day exploring Paris or just an evening out for cocktails, these shoes will keep your feet happy.

Did I mention the variety? Flats, Heels, Wedges, Sling Backs, Sandals… they have a shoe that looks great with any outfit.

Just look at these!

Thierry Rabotin Grace Ballet Flat – Black


Thierry Rabotin Tasha Wedge – Red


Thierry Rabotin Wave Sandal – Multi Colored


Smokin’ Hot Shoes

Winter is finally dwindling down and it’s time to start showing off some new footwear for the Spring. Check out some of these “Just-In” shoes from Thierry Rabotin that will have the envy of everyone you pass.

Thierry Rabotin Prestige Heel – Red & Black


Thierry Rabotin Zanzibar Wedge – Silver


Thierry Rabotin Vienna Sling Back – Red Polka


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