CORDANI – About Our Shoes

Artisan footwear for women made by hand.

No matter where we make our footwear, each Cordani shoe is hand-made in very small factories by local artisans. Part of our team’s mission is to support the artisan shoe-making industry around the world and help preserve traditional shoe-making techniques.

We still manufacture many of our styles in the same family-run factory nestled in the rolling hills of the Marche – a region on Italy’s Adriatic coast known for its deep-rooted shoe-making traditions. Here, families pass down shoe-making techniques from one generation to the next. Along with their know-how, the artisans also pass down their passion for creating meticulously made footwear, using the finest leathers and materials available.

Our espadrilles and many of our styles with cork footbeds are made in Southern Spain, where the local artisans have perfected the art of working with natural jute and cork. The factories, located in the Alicante area in Spain’s southeastern corner have been making shoes for centuries. Their passion for shoe-making is as vibrant as their Mediterranean sunshine and the brightly-colored bougainvillea that lines their cobblestone streets.

Our clogs and shoes on wooden bottoms are made in a tiny factory in Guadalajara Mexico. The bottoms are hand carved and polished by craftsman in Chile and then sent to Mexico where vegetable-tanned leathers are used to cobble the shoes. The artisans are extremely proud of their trade, which they’ve learned through the years from their parents and grandparents.

Recently we’ve been developing a line of shoes in a small factory just north of Los Angeles. The factory was started by a family from Armenia, that brought their old-world shoe-making traditions to the US, where they handcraft each pair just like they’ve been doing for generations in the “old world”. Supporting US production is also important to us, so we’re very happy to be making some of our styles in California.

Regardless of where we make our shoes, we design them with comfort in mind so your feet look as good as they feel, and we’re proud to have our collection represented at The Shoe Spa.

Michael Cicca – Owner Cordani Shoes

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